Finn's home movie

Monday, 24 November 2008


Deb just showed me how to fix that video problem....hope I can remember it for the next time.

Miltenburg on the Rhine

Miltenburg on the Rhine
Originally uploaded by roscus
View taken from Miltenberg castle May 2008

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Week 6...........Youtubing

Well, I've done it now. Managed to upload a video of my 4th grandson playing onto my blogsite. Check it successfull upload but I can't remove the other 3 samples. Never mind....I'm sure someone at the training session tomorrow will be able to assist me , I hope. Little Finn's dad is a very keen youtuber, and constantly uploads videos so that his mother at home in Ireland can view her grandchild back here in Australia. What a great way to keep up with the growth and development of a loved one when you can't be there in person. I can see endless uses for this method of video up loads in our work environment. Apart from staff training sessions, we could capture many videos about our lovely surrounds here in the mountains for our local studies department. I have finally reached the halway point in this training......yeh.

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Week 5 and Wikis

I'm doing my homework now and reviewing those reccommended wiki sites. Discovered the book review section in the Bookloverswiki site for Princeton public library and was impressed with links back to the library catalogue and the ability to reserve these items. Not interested in anything Star wars related so gave any serious study of Wooieepedia away. Found travel links in the link at the SJCPL subject guides wiki which were very informative. At at another time I may try to see if we have some wikis more relevant for Australian travellers abroad, because anyone who knows me well is aware of my great desire for travel abroad especially to Europe.
Our own library blog has book reviews and the ability for comments to be added, so not sure whether we need to go to the Wiki business side of things, however this is an excellent way to invite participation from our local library community.

Wednesday, 22 October 2008


Week 4 now and I'm a new recruit for blogging. Yes it will help me in my job and possibly my life but there are only so many hours in the day. And my life will not be about blogging.......I feel that it is for the nerds who sit at their computers all day....sorry if I am offending anyone out there in blogland. My life wants to keep things simple, and my head is already buzzing with too much information. What I am into is really the simple side of life.......good music, mother nature and a chat with friends discussing our next travel adventure, all terribly boring for some, but it keeps the headchat to a bearable level. And hey, most of my friends are very much the same.
So I've added all the correct feeds, only have to make the time to read them.......... I can see their virtues for referencing, but working in a public library gives you such a wide scope for any sort of reference question it would still be a wild card pick for the definitive info feed.
Ciao for now.

Friday, 10 October 2008

It's called survival..........

Well, I've made it to week 4. Though not without an emotional wobbly............. going on annual leave for a couple of weeks created a panic of sorts, this time frame just keeps pushing out further. It also felt like I had forgotten everything I'd ever learnt about blogging, flickr etc, but it's now coming back with a little help from some colleagues........thanks girls.
I did enjoy Flickr, managed to load some favourite shots of my last holiday to Europe and then I successfully loaded some workplace photos of my library refurbishment, so am feeling not so incompetent now. This met the suggested adventure requirement for week 3.
The bonus with Flickr has been viewing photos of one of my grandsons and his family. His father is a keen photographer and computer graphics expert, and he has loaded many photos onto Flickr so anyone can catch up with their family photographs in an instant. This has been great particularly for them as they have close family in Ireland, enabling them to see the first grandchild through Flickr and also Youtube, where Dad has also loaded family videos. All this modern techno stuff has really enriched this family's life by enabling the sharing of photos and videos across the other side of the world for very little expense.
Well, ever onward..... next is RSS.........I can hardly wait.........

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

New beginnings

Like most people when they start a new chapter in their lives there is a little trepidation........and I have this feeling already. Blogging is very new to me. My time is tight and because I work part times hours I have several reservations about how I will accomplish all of this training in the little time that I have. Nonetheless, here I am, doing my first and very basic post in this training session.
When to do it.....that is the question ???
My closed library hours are very precious....and I will have to forgo some general housekeeeping chores to achieve this blog literacy. What happens when I get behind ??? And there is that 2 weeks of annual leave looming !! I can only do my best and try, which is what everyone else seems to be doing okay.
Working alone in a library post has many challenges and trying to focus on this new material with customers is very tricky. Sitting at a computer with headphones and trying to appear totally normal to my customers is challenging, but sometimes I really need to view that blog site....!!
I'm not going to pretend that I will play at home.......hey what little time I have, I actually like to read books in hard copy format, and not to play at the computer, unless I have to pay a bill or email a distant friend.
So there, here's my thoughts today. I'm trying not to sound negative, but I did want to air the feelings that are swhirling around my head. I know there will be positives, for me and my customers.